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The Number One Woman in My Life:


My mother - IS YOU!


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'He's the one who knows you best

He knows what's in your heart

You'll find your peace at last

If you just have faith in Him.'


'Trials will cooome, but shortly they will faaade awaaay'


The video shows some of the very beautiful sides of life in Islam, teached by the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) - you will discover the many aspects in the video, when you gain more knowledge about the beautiful religion; Islam. The more you know, the more you see and get :)


As told in the video 'all acts of kindness in this video are inspired by the life and teachings of Muhammad (PBUH).'


Some of them are those, which is showed in the video:


1:33: Give Zakat/money to the poor people.

1:41: Help the elder people like your parents when they get old.

1:45: According to hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) stayed in Sujud (a part of prayer where you are bowing with your head on the ground, ahead of God) as for so long his nephews was sitting and playing on his back, as for not to disturb his little nephew, so caring was the Prophet (PBUH).

2:03: It's Sunnah (gives reward according to Gud), to remove something from the way like for example pick up something and place it in the right place like garbage or remove a stone from the way that can hurt anyone.

2:12: According to hadith, a man had failed in doing anything right in life and would be destined for hell fire, but as he met a thirsty dog that reminded him of his own thirst which he had just had and filled, he then felt sorry for the dog and therefore got some water for the it and was destined for Paradise only for this reason (this is how merciful God is). The man gave the dog water by putting some water into his shoe. Islam teaches us to take care and be kind to animals.

2:17: The Prophet (PBUH) played with his wife, so it's Sunnah (gives reward).

2:30: The Prophet (PBUH) also helped his wife, so it's Sunnah too :)

2:56: In Islam we are teached to take good care of our elderly people, to look after them, especially our parents. It's some kind of respect for the elderly people.

3:12: Islam teaches us to be kind to children.

3:36-3:56: It's important to know your neighbours and be kind to them as neighbours, and to ensure that they aren't starving while you are eating. It's always Sunnah to help somebody.


As for the very first part (0:24-0:37) of the video and the last part mentioned above (3:36-3:56), Islam teaches us to repay bad things with better things like for example showing the better way of behaviour if someone is 'mean' to you. It's said in this case that maybe in this way, your strongest enemy will change and turn to be your very best friend in the end. Islam also teaches us to forgive people for their mistakes, to be patient and to control your anger so you don't hurt anyone when 'you are not yourself'.





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